We are looking for a Visionary!

We want your #femalevision

Wir freuen uns auf das große Finale mit Live-Voting am 21. November 2019!

Unseren 19. BFC-Geburtstag am 21. November 2019 nehmen wir zum Anlass, um engagierten Frauen die Möglichkeit zu geben, ihre Visionen für eine grandiose Zukunft vorzustellen! Die Gewinnerin wird unter den 5 Finalistinnen live vom Publikum gevotet!


How shall we live in 25 years? The future of humanity will be great!
Thanks to innovative women with different skills many challenges can be mastered! To live longer and healthier, to invent new digital tools of work, to create a better coexistence of different cultures. Everything can really come true. All we need are great female innovations.

The Business Frauen Center (BFC) and its mission:

The BFC's mission is to focus on and to make visible the power and the motivation of responsible women, to bring about social change in the economy and education.

Discussions about quotas are no longer necessary in the BFC Vision, because in the end both sexes do actively and equally contribute to the creation of a society and an environment which are worth living in. The female approach has a potential exploited in economically and politically relevant areas..

"The future is gender equal"

Tell us your #femalevision in the following categories:

In folgenden Kategorien konnte bis zum 15. Oktober 2019 eingereicht werden:

Social innovation

Whether a longer life expectancy or healthier diet: how can we imagine a more social and vital life in 10 years? We are looking forward to your future vision! Submit now!

Product and service

Day by day, new products enter our lives. But which products and services really serve people and nature? Do you have a vision for the future here? Submit now!

Technical innovation

Smart Home or Internet of Things are the concepts of our era. Which digital tools could simplify our lives? Show us your vision of the technical future!

The winner...

The greatest vision of the future is of course awarded!

The Grand Prize is 3000 euros. In addition, the winner will be invited to the BFC Summit 2020 as a keynote speaker and will have the exclusive opportunity to present HER vision of the future.

The rating is carried out into two steps:

Step I: Evaluation and selection of submitted visions by a top-class jury. The five best visions make it to the final!

Die Juryentscheidungen sind endgültig und unterliegen nicht dem Rechtsweg. Die Jury stützt sich in ihrer Beurteilungsarbeit auf einen Bewertungskatalog. Alle eingereichten Arbeiten werden anhand des Bewertungskatalogs beurteilt.

Step II: An unserem BFC-Geburtstagsfest am 21. November 2019 findet das endgültige Voting statt. Nachdem die 5 Finalistinnen jeweils den Pitch ihrer Vision vorgetragen haben, wird die Gewinnerin live vom Publikum gevotet.

Die Jury